Creations by
Perfumelier, Aromachologist,
and Artiste Extraordinaire,
Alexandra Odell!

All it takes to smell unforgettably alluring is money


noun, pronunciation:
singular, par·fum·lier [par-fœm-l-yey]
plural, par·fum·liers [par-fœm-l-yeyz]

A Parfumelier is an aficionado of all things odoriferous. A Parfumelier is never defined by caring about the cost of a scent, but rather the depth, artistry, and power of a fragrance. They also appreciate a good fart and a hardy belch as well as the aromas of liquids, flora, fauna, and cuisine.

Since the beginning of time, scents have been used to heighten a mood, create fear, repulse, delight, calm, seduce, make a fashion statement, accentuate a grand entrance, and forever imprint a memorable impression. Aromas will awaken memories – the good, the bad, as well as the bizarre. Humans have two senses of smell. One sense is activated when you inhale from the environment into your nostrils, and the second is activated when air is sent up through the nasal passage and breathed out through the nose, when a burst of the aroma comes from the back of the nose inside the mouth while drinking and eating. The phenomenon of the second sense of smell is down to the fact that, although we have sensors on our tongue, eighty percent of what we think of as taste actually reaches us through smell receptors in our nose.

Why waste your money on commercial name brand scents so you can smell like everybody else? All the verbose descriptions and declarations about the top, middle, and bottom notes are complete market spin and hogwash. They smell the same on just about everybody as all the so-called notes have been fattened by the fixatives as making it last longer is the main selling point to justify the cost of the scent. There are maybe 5% aroma chemicals, 80% fixatives, 5% water and 10% alcohol. Even the one-time valuable perfumes have had the more expensive ingredients replaced with cheaper ingredients. Chanel no. 5 today is a cheap imitation of the original created with essential oils and sparkling aldehydes in 1918. It can cost a lot of money to smell cheap. You can buy exact formula knockoffs that smell the same as what Chanel is manufacturing and selling today.

Parfumelier extracts are 40% aroma compounds, using as little fixatives as possible, so the evaporation of the scent really does have top, middle, and bottom notes. Most of our fixatives are essential oils or absolutes such as benzoin, violet leaf, sandalwood, or amber. These limited edited aged extracts are created out of the obsession of the wildly eccentric free-spirited southern aristocrat, and ahead of her time artist Alexandra Odell, whose art, sculptures, cosmetics, and perfumes are sought after by Gen Z, celebrities, dictators, gangsters, and sophisticated perfume lovers, everywhere.

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